Why Cell Direct Products?

Green or All Natural

Cell Direct (proudly made in the USA)

At EcoGreenic “The Science of Healthy Living” we advocate going green. As much as possible we get our raw materials from organic plants or 100% all pure natural sources without any pesticides used.

People ask if we use radiation to process our nanotechnology top quality nutritional products?

We do not use harmful preservatives or use radiation to process our superior nutritional supplements from nature. At Ecogreenic, we try our very best to be very eco friendly.

Pls. check out attachment from www.NRC.gov stands on nuclear plants and use of radiation. We value what NRC stands for.Here is what it says:

Nuclear power plants are fueled by uranium, which emits radioactive substances. Most of these substances are trapped in uranium fuel pellets or in sealed metal fuel rods. However, small amounts of these radioactive substances (mostly gases) become mixed with the water that is used to cool the reactor. Other impurities in the water are also made radioactive as they pass through the reactor. The water that passes through a reactor is processed and filtered to remove these radioactive impurities before being returned to the environment. Nonetheless, minute quantities of radioactive gases and liquids are ultimately released to the environment under controlled and monitored conditions.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has established limits for the release of radioactivity from nuclear power plants. Although the effects of very low levels of radiation are difficult to detect, the NRC’s limits are based on the assumption that the public’s exposure to man-made sources of radiation should be only a small fraction of the exposure that people receive from natural background sources.

Therefore; we at EcoGreenic “The Science of Healthy Living “ do not use radiation in processing our products.

  • Cell Direct Nutritional Sprays uses nanotechnology, absorb through the oral cavity, bypassing the digestive system.

Our agricultural system is loaded with toxins and pesticides. Due to this, our agricultural lands are devoid of nutrients. We don’t eat 8-10 servings of raw veggies to meet the need of our body. Also, cooking our food destroys most of these nutrients. Research shows that almost everyone, if not everyone, needs food supplements.

Cell Direct uses nanotechnology to get the active components from food nutrients to provide top quality nutrition in its purest and most bioavailable form.

Nanotechnology is making nutrients down to its nano size making it easily absorb through the oral cavity that goes directly into the cells.—-sprayed on inner cheeks, throat and specially under the tongue.

  • Cell Direct are intra oral absorption products

The graph below is based on scientific studies on absorption. It
shows that intra oral is better absorb than tablets, caplets, soft gels, liquids, patches, sublingual liquids and intramascular injections.

Cell Direct are intra oral absorption products.

Since Absorption is a key issue, some tablets and caplets are being mega dosed. However, this mega dosing may put a lot of strains to your organ system. The body clock has a time to do repair and regenerate and a time to wash out what was not used. If your tablets and caplets were absorb at the time the body is in wash out mode, then the nutrients you took may just be disposed by the body. Another issue is when what was absorb is lacking in the different nutrients the body needs to do its different cycles, then the nutrients you took may just be wasted since it will be washed out by the body.

Cell Direct products addresses all these issues:

  1. Cell Direct products is absorb almost 100% so there is no need to mega dose. Mega dosing may put more strain to your organ system thereby exhausting the body to have enough energy to repair.
  2. Cell Direct products are sprayed 4 x a day so it will always be available in the system when the body needs it.
  3. Cell Direct products covers almost all the key nutrients you are looking for in its purest and most bioavailable form bypassing the digestive system. It is also in its nano size that it can easily be disposed off by the body compared to its caplets and tablet form.

Medicine may stop a disease but only the body can repair and regenerate. However, you have to give everything the body needs at the time the body needs it in its purest and most bioavailable form, then you will have a grateful body. Give thanks to God for He has made man’s body perfect, only man destroys it. Health is Wealth— Dr. Jiji Ang Balacuit.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. It is not intended to prevent, diagnose, cure or replace doctor’s treatment. Just like any supplements, it is always best to consult your health care practitioner prior to its use. This is for information purposes only and is void where prohibited by law.